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Photo Ornament

Yet another one of the many little projects I did for my sister’s 30th birthday party. (See “Big Numbers” post and “Cake Toppers” post for other birthday DIY crafts.) These photo ornaments are really simple way to add a little personalized pizzazz to lots of events–not just your christmas tree.


-clear ornament (dollar tree or walmart)
-two printed photos per ornament
-confetti (optional)
-measuring tools: pen and icing top

Step One:
Pop the top off of the ornament and pour some confetti in it.
Step Two:
You will need to find a cup of a circular item that has the same diameter as the ornament. (I used an icing lid.) Trace the icing lid or cup over the portion of the picture you want in the ornament. Then cut out.


Step Three:
Tape the string to the back of the photo. Then tape backs of photos together.


Step Four:

Roll up the taped, circular photos and slide (more like, stuff) them into the ornament. Using the pen poke around in the ornament to straighten out the photos.

That’s pretty much all there is to it! Cap it, and pull the thread through the top to hang.



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