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Cake Toppers

Another addition to my sister’s 30th Birthday Blowout were these crafty cake toppers. They actually turned out to be a little heavier than I intended, so I didn’t end up sticking them in the cake. Instead, I bought two little candle vases from the dollar store, filled them with M&Ms and stuck the “3” and the “0” in there.
-parchment paper (or possibly wax paper-I haven’t tested it with wax paper.)
-kebab sticks
-hot glue gun
-print-out number (or print-out of whatever you want to write)


Step One:
Heat up hot glue gun. Lay parchment paper over printed number. (You can try to tap print-out to parchment paper to keep it in place, but tape doesn’t stick well to parchment.)Start to trace number with glue gun.

Step Two:
Sprinkle sparkles over heated glue.


Step Three:
Place kebab stick on the bottom of the number. (As you can see from the pictures I went back and did this step after I started making the foundation of the glue-sparkle layer.)


Step Four:
Continue tracing number with hot glue and pouring sparkles on until number is sturdy. I found it necessary to add some wire to the number to make it stronger.

Step Five:

Once the number is finished I recommend mod-podging it to make sure glitter doesn’t fall onto the food.


It’s a pretty simple project. My roommate did begin to complain that she was find sparkles everywhere in our apartment, but I don’t think a little extra glitter here and there is such a bad thing!



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