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Big Birthday Numbers

For my sister’s 30th birthday I went all out. I planned a surprise party complete with a bartender, DJ, and plenty of DIY crafts! One of my favorite crafts for this party was the big, glitzy “30.” This accent was a hit as a decorative piece that doubled as a great photo prop.
I’ve tried my best to explain my process to make it. I didn’t find it to be too difficult to put together, but it was a time commitment. So I tended to tackle this project in intervals.

-2 poster boards per number (So two big numbers requires four sheets of poster board.)
-1-2 poster paper sheets per number (I used two and a half sheets to make two big numbers.)
-lots of tape
-cover paper: I used glitzy foil paper.
-hot glue gun & sticks

Step One:
Draw out the number. Make sure it is symmetrical in every direction.

Step Two:
Using an exacto knife, trace over your number to cut it out. (Save poster board scraps, as you will need them for future steps in project.)

Step Three:
Cut about four or five strips from scrap poster board. Strips should be at least 2 to 2.5 inches in width. Length of strips is dependent on how deep you want your big number to be. My strips were probably about 2.5″W x 6″H. Then fold over the top and bottom 1.5″ in the same direction.
You will hot glue the folded tabs of the strips to the cut-out number. make sure it is lined up well.

Step Four:
Cut strips from the poster paper sheets that match the depth of your big number skeleton. (If the strips width are not perfect it is not necessarily an issue.) Tape the strips to the sides of the big number skeleton.

Step Five:
start taping on the cover. I recommend to start at the crevices and work outward toward the face of the number.

Step Six:
Once you have the entire number covered, cut out strips of the same length. Cut flaps down the length of the strips. Tape those onto the outward face of the number. I recommend only taping flaps to the outward-facing side of the number.



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