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Cut-Out Book

This is a pretty simple tutorial. All you need is an X-Acto knife, tacky glue, a paintbrush, a book, a piece of parchment paper, and some muscle.


I started by cutting out the center part of the pages. This step is where the muscle comes in handy. Skip the first couple of pages because those will be used to reinforce the walls of the book’s center.

Picture 7

Then I painted glue along the page walls.


To ensure the front and back covers would not stick to the pages I placed a piece of parchment paper around the glued pages. Close your book with the parchment paper inside and place some weight on top of the closed book.

Picture 8

Once your book has dried you can choose what you’d like to do with it. You can simply use it as a secretive storage place, or you can choose to do other neat things with your book! I found two really great DIY projects involving a cut-out book. One turns the book into a book planter–a secret garden of sorts. The other project converts the book into a clutch. Both offer innovative options for altering an unused, hardback book.


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