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Cardboard Box Storage Frame

Turn a simple cardboard box into a classy storage device. This works on book shelves, cubbies, and most any ledge. But heed my warning: this DIY project is not for the faint of heart. It may get a little complicated so you will definitely need to use your imagination at some points. But in all fairness, when should you not definitely be using your imagination?



cardboard box, packaging tape, scissors, newspaper, hot glue gun, Mod Podge with a matte finish, party streamers, gold paint, and photo to insert into finished frame

Step 1: Find a cardboard box.


Step 2: Cut off flaps. This will serve as the box component in which you will store your various clutter. You can choose to spray paint or cover the cardboard but this section will be out of sight so it doesn’t matter for visual purposes, just depends on your preferences.


Step 3: Take a measurement of the cubbie or storage area to decide what size you want the picture frame to be. Box can be stored length-wise or width-wise, but frame-size should be comparable to box-size. Cut cardboard flaps to form frame foundation.


Step 4: Using packing tape, fold tape to make double-sided tape and stick at corners of the flaps.


Step 5: Cut flaps that are about half the size, width-wise.


Step 6: Use double-sided tape method to layer new flaps atop frame foundation.


Step 7: Cut even thinner flaps.


Step 8: Use double-sided tape method to layer new flaps atop frame.


Step 9: Roll up strips of newspaper and wrap in packing tape to make foundation for twirly design structures on the corners. I made a 12″x 12″ frame and made my newspaper twirls about 3.5″ in length and 1.5″ width. Fold paper width-wise half an inch at a time and then wrap in packaging tape. Make 12 strips total, three for each corner. Using hot glue gun, glue strip on spiral formation onto itself. Do this for eight of the 12 strips.


Step 10: Using hot glue gun, take flat strip and glue one end to the frame and the other end on top. Then take two spiral strips and glue one on either side of the circular strip on the frame. Make sure all corner components are securely glued to the frame. Do this for every corner.


Step 11: Using Mod Podge with a matte finish, start painting on party streamers to frame.

IMG_0356IMG_0355Cover entirely.IMG_0357

Step 12: Paint gold.


Step 13: Using hot glue gun, apply velcro patches to box and frame.

Step 14: Choose photo and just use scotch tape to secure onto back of frame. This will make it simpler to change photos in the future.

Step 15: Stow box in intended space.

IMG_0377 IMG_0371




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