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Mod Podge Comic Book Heels

Got a scuff on your shoe, or an out-of-date pair of stilettos, or both? Well before you send them off to Good Will consider an alternative: mod podge! See how I transformed my heinous white, pointy-toe stilettos into hip, comic-book-clad pumps.

Side note: Don’t judge the original fashion decision too harshly. I got them as a present. Yes, I had requested that specific pair of shoes, but it was 2005 and they were in style!


-a comic book or two: Choose a comic book with the color scheme that you want in mind. I’d advise against cutting up your favorite comic book for this project because the comics and characters will most likely not be distinguishable.


-mod podge: glossy finish

-paintbrush: Should be about one inch, but would not recommend any bigger than that.

-old pair of shoes: If you’re anything like me, choosing the right pair of shoes to “experiment” with may be difficult. Though my shoe collection may be overflowing—packed with footwear has-beens, hot trends and hand-me-downs from every season and for almost every function—very seldom does a pair of shoes lose significance in my wardrobe. You could consider me the Mother Teresa of shoes. I take them in when everybody else turns their heads. Whether they be abandoned on the sale rack or exiled from a friend’s closet, they have a home among others that suffered the same treatment.

So suffice it to say that I understand parting with a pair could be unappealing, but I promise this project will prove to repair any worn relationship. In the end, the shoe will be like new again…at least on the outside!

So long story short, I chose to use my white, pointy-toe stilettos by Chinese Laundry—complete with scuffmarks and the memories of a fallen fad.

Most any shoe with a somewhat flat and fertile surface area will do. I have an old pair of Adidas that I will probably tackle next!


1) Tear out comic book pages. Select pages with color scheme in mind. Personally, I love the typical comic book onomatopoeias so I made sure to save some of those for the top layer after the shoe was completely covered.

2) Cut up comic in small somewhat haphazard shapes.

3) Paint a section of the shoe with mod podge and start placing the comic book scraps. Continuously paint over and over with mod podge. You really can’t use too much of the stuff. The mod podge will have a cloudy appearance at first, but dries completely clear.

4) Continue doing this until the entire show is covered with comic books and mod podge.

5) Let dry and then paint one more layer of mod podge just for safekeeping.

6) Obvious step: do the same with the shoe’s mate.

That’s pretty much it! Congratulations, you have just breathed new life into an old pair of shoes!




2 thoughts on “Mod Podge Comic Book Heels

    • The one thing that I have noticed with every mod podge project–especially with the glossy as opposed to matte finish–is that it tends to stick to itself. So my recommendation is to be sure to store the shoes with some sort of divider to ensure that they do not touch, stick together, and then ruin the design. Wax or parchment paper could be a cheap and easy answer. Other than that I have not experienced any other issues with them.

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